October Content Roundup

Ruanna Owens
Nov 2, 2020 • Last edit on Sep 20, 20224 min read

Dive deeper into TomTom’s tools and features for fleet management applications. In this month’s blogs, learn about last-mile logistics for developers, fleet tracking, and how TomTom’s API and SDK features developers can be used to build fleet management apps. If you’re more interested in developing a side project, check out our tutorials on building a real-time transit map or displaying TomTom maps with Flutter.

TomTom mapping and routing APIs and the TomTom Maps SDK have many useful features for developers building fleet management and logistics applications. In this article, we'll highlight the API and SDK features you can use to build these apps.

In a previous article we saw how Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) supplied transit information to applications through APIs and General Transit Feed Specification Real-Time (GTFS-RT) data to grab station locations and train Estimated Time of Departure (ETD) data and use the TomTom Maps SDK to create a real-time commute map.

In the last few years, Flutter has become one of the most popular cross-platform frameworks in the world. We’ve created a simple map application which uses an open source flutter plugin that implements the JavaScript Leaflet library functionalities and allows users to display a raster map from multiple providers inside the flutter screen.


Last-mile logistics refers to the transfer of a product or person from a hub to its final destination. In this article, we'll examine key aspects of last-mile fleet scenarios and how TomTom location services can help you build last-mile logistics applications.

Knowing where each vehicle is at any given time can assist with fleet scheduling, route optimization, and fuel consumption management. Learn how TomTom helps build fleet management solutions by providing location and routing information to developers through easy-to-use APIs.

Introduction to TomTom Maps APIs

In this video, get an overview of our suite of mapping tools, including map styling, directions, places, traffic, tracking, and our SDKs.

EV Routing

In this video, Jose and Olivia explore the different Routing API options specifically for Electric Vehicles, how to calculate the Electric Consumption, and how to fetch Charging Stations POIs along the route.

Introducing the Notifications API

Using the Notifications API, our dev advocates do a complete walkthrough on how you can easily set up real-time location updates using webhooks - and recap how to customize notifications with the help of Postman, and our geofences creator.

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TomTom returned to ESRI SIG France as a level 2 partner and highlighted our presence with a presentation by Louis Debatte-Monroy, Head of Product Marketing, on “Calculating precise journey times, in real time and in the future”.

Product Marketing Manager Anna Borbotko gave a talk on predictive technologies for smart logistics.

At Post & Parcel Live, Fleets & Logistics Product Marketing Manager Julija Babre shared the secrets behind accurate travel time calculation, including best practices, pitfalls and available location technologies in a talk titled, "The Magic Formula Behind On-Time Deliveries”.

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