March 2021: Explore what our Location Experts were Building in March

Ruanna Owens
Apr 1, 2021 • Last edit on Sep 20, 20225 min read

March was a month of new blogs, videos, and events. Check out what our developer advocates and location experts worked on this month to help users build their applications using TomTom’s location technology.

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Blog Articles

YouTube Videos



TomTom Developer Blogs]

This month was filled with tutorials: from ridesharing apps to traffic alert dashboards to ETA alerts, learn how to build something new today. And don’t miss our spotlight on the Product Manager for our Map Display and Traffic APIs, Dominika Spolnik!

Leverage Routing, Geofencing, and Notifications APIs to Send ETA Alerts

Customers want alerts when their ride, food, or groceries are nearby, without having to constantly refresh their phone. Learn how you can create these essential tracking and notification functions using TomTom’s Routing, Geofencing, and Notifications APIs.


Build a Traffic Alert Dashboard with the TomTom Traffic API

In this article, we use TomTom’s real-time traffic services to create a seed project for a radio news service’s traffic dashboard incorporating the TomTom Traffic API and SDK into a single HTML file.

The Makings of a Simple Ridesharing Service with TomTom APIs: The Mobile App

Read a high-level overview of how you can use TomTom's Maps SDK and Search, Routing, and Geofencing APIs to build a mobile application powering a simple ridesharing business, focusing on the user-facing mobile app side.

The Makings of a Simple Ridesharing Service with TomTom APIs: Back End

In part 2 of our ridesharing service series, we'll walk you through the back-end architecture and some of the best practices for the APIs you'd use to power a ridesharing business.

Making Geomarketing More Effective with Accurate POI Data

Geomarketing uses location data to improve the probability of a particular message reaching the right prospect at the right time. Learn how TomTom's POI data and Extended Search API enable geotargeting for precise marketing efforts.


TomTom Mapmakers: Dominika Spolnik, Product Manager, Map Display & Traffic APIs

In the second article of our TomTom Mapmakers series, we spoke with Dominika Spolnik, Product Manager for the Map Display API and Traffic API to learn more about her extensive experience with – and love of – maps!  


TomTom Developers YouTube Videos ]

Build a Custom Map Style with JavaScript

Learn how to create a custom map style with JavaScript. In this quick tutorial, we go over how to rotate the colors of a palette and update the colors of each layer of your map. Whether you want to get creative with your own project or create a map for a company or client’s brand, this is a great feature to learn. You can watch the video here.

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 12.38.39 PM

Using OpenWeatherMap APIs with TomTom Maps

Try your hand at meteorology with the OpenWeatherMap APIs. Learn how to build a live weather map, including adding a cloud and rain layer, getting weather information, and adding weather icons to your map in this long-form tutorial. Check it out here.

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 12.42.55 PM

Building a Service Delivery App, Part 2

In this Devisode, we go over the TomTom Maps APIs needed to build a simple service delivery app for the business of your clients. Learn how to accept an order, add the optimal route, and notify the customer and delivery center when the driver is close to its destination.



ESRI Ireland

On March 10th, Jeroen Brouwer gave a talk on Using Transportation Data in your ArcGIS Mapping & Analysis. If you missed it, check out this related article on How to Incorporate ArcGIS Data into TomTom Maps.

MOVE America

MOVE America Virtual was March 17th-18th – an online event focused on solving the mobility challenge and shaping the future of transportation in America. We spoke at two different sessions: a roundtable discussion on  ETA & On-demand - How Can we Make it Work?* * with Anna Borbotko, Dosanna Wu, Sander Pluimers, & Priya Agit, and a talk on How ETA Works, and the Tools you can use to Master it with Product Marketing Manager Dosanna Wu.

To learn more about ETA, check out these related articles:

Transport India

Transport India Expo 2021, India's largest trade expo and exhibition, showcases smart technology and solutions in electric mobility. Vinod Kumar gave a talk on Ridesharing with EVs , and Parag Bedarkar also spoke on Adoption of New Technologies for Safer Roads. Check out these related blogs to learn more about these topics:

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