21 Resources for Developers from May 2022

Ruanna Owens
Jun 8, 2022 • Last edit on Sep 20, 20225 min read
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Happy almost-summer! May was Mental Health Awareness Month, along with Global Accessibility Awareness Day and Star Wars Day – and we had a lot of content to celebrate these occasions.

We also took a month off of our usual monthly content roundup cadence to update some of our older blogs with fresh information and resources, and are back and better than ever. Keep reading to catch up on any blogs, videos, and events you may have missed this past month – may the project inspiration be with you!


Mapping Star Wars Filming Locations for May the 4th (be with you)!

We celebrated Star Wars Day with a fun mapping project using Star Wars movie filming locations using TomTom Maps APIs. Learn how to make your own in our tutorial.

5 Cool Ways to Use Maps APIs

APIs are designed to help build applications easier and faster, and an SDK can help speed up the process by wrapping the most complex APIs into even easier to use functions and methods. In this article, we go over some of the most interesting ideas we see the TomTom Maps SDK for Web being used for and how they can be implemented.

How Developers can Accelerate Global Accessibility

For Global Accessibility Awareness Day, learn more about accessibility and how developers can increase inclusivity in app and website design.

How to Create a Satellite Map Using the Maps SDK

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through creating a satellite map using TomTom’s Maps SDK and satellite tiles, and then configuring the map to display POIs. This map will be a vector map automatically, but incorporate satellite tiles with a simple change to the code which integrates them as a map style.

5 Ways to Use Location Technology in Logistics

We examine five ways developers can use TomTom location data to provide more effective planning, visualization, insights, and information in the field of logistics.

How Collaborative Map Editing can keep Maps Fresh in High-Growth Areas

The emergence of boomtowns — a town that experiences rapid population and economic growth — around the world poses an ever-evolving challenge to mapmakers who aim for their maps to reflect the real world as closely as possible and keep them fresh and accurate. Learn how collaborative map editing helps keep maps as fresh as possible in this article.


May was packed with events. Read on to learn more!

Geospatial World Forum

Location expert Jeroen Brouwer spoke at Geospatial World Forum in Amsterdam on May 11 on the future of mobility. For over a decade, Geospatial World Forum (GWF) has connected professionals and leaders representing the entire geospatial ecosystem. Learn more about the event here.

National Roads & Traffic Expo

In Sydney May 18-19, Christophe Baudry talked about location technologies for a safe, connected world free of congestion and emissions. You can learn more about the next event here.

Spatial Data Science Conference London

On May 19, Jeroen Brouwer spoke on a panel on location intelligence for transport and logistics. Learn more about the event here.


If you have any questions or roadblocks while building with our Maps APIs, you can always stop by our Developer Forum or our subreddit r/TomTom to get help from us and the community. Here are some popular posts from this month:


These were some of our favorite external articles and videos this month:


Do you have a blog or project you’d like to share with the TomTom Developers community to be featured in an upcoming monthly roundup? Reach out to us at and let us know!

We hope there’s something in here to get you inspired for your next project! Make sure to follow us on Twitter and YouTube to see what’s coming up in June.

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