Advanced Weather API

Service version: v1
Last edit: 2022.11.01

What is the Advanced Weather API?

TomTom's Advanced Weather API and service is focused on the provisioning of real-time precipitation information for drivers. It provides weather information as simplified polygons over a specific area which results in detailed, granular, and bandwidth-efficient weather information.

These polygons contain the following weather information:

Polygon name


Precipitation Radar

Information to indicate in real-time the precipitation type (snow, rain, mixed) and intensity (mm/h) over a defined area (polygon).

The above parameters will be provided where available

Common use-cases you can implement

Navigation related:

  • Simplified polygons make it ideal for detailed weather visualization, therefore the weather data can be represented over a map with granular detail; improving user interaction and safety for drivers.
  • Display the weather information along the route, to bring more awareness
  • Enables the calculation of accurate ETA's considering the impact of weather on average driving speed.
  • Weather information can be used to decide distance coverage for EV vehicle.

Feature List

The TomTom Advanced Weather service REST API provides bulk advanced weather polygons for displaying on your map view. The feed is delivered in GeoJSON format and contains the closest forecast to the current time.

Market Coverage

The TomTom Advanced Weather service offers detailed weather information for the regions Europe, Latin America (Mexico & South America), United States of America and parts of Canada.