What's new?

    In a nutshell – we've made it simpler and we've made our freemium more generous! You can check the new pricing here, but let us walk you through the changes in more detail.

  • Same price for all

    To keep things simple, we have ditched private and public plans and introduced one Pay As You Grow pricing. Great news for private plan users - our Maps APIs will be much more affordable for you! Also, the price is the same for any application* you have in mind.

  • The new freemium

    If you are a Freemium or Pay As You Grow plan user, you now have more free daily API requests to build with.

  • Request-based pricing with 3 simple prepaid packages

    No more counting and converting requests to transactions – our prices are now per API requests. Once your project has grown beyond the daily freemium limits, check the price per API request and top up your account with one of the prepaid packages, or get a personalized quote for an Enterprise contract to grow your application.

  • Package table

    What happened to the credits I had before June 8, 2021?

    As of June 8, your remaining credits have been automatically converted to a monetary amount of equivalent value. You can check your current balance here.

    I had a recurring payment option. How was my new recurring payment amount determined?

    To make sure there are no unexpected expenses, we have moved you to a recurring prepaid package that is less than or equivalent to what you were paying before. Your recurring payment settings stayed as they were, but the frequency of payment might have changed, depending on what new prepaid package applies to your situation. You can check and change your current payment settings here.

  • Recurring payment

    Other questions or thoughts?

    Other questions or thoughts? Let us know in the Forum or send us a message. We'll get back to you shortly.

  • *Don't forget to check our T&Cs on allowed applications, just to be sure.