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Configuration service


Service version: 1
Last edit: 2019.10.07


The Location History API Configuration service is responsible for managing a user's options. It is essential to create and to work with your account.

The Configuration service provides for:

  • Registration for Configuration rights and Admin rights in the Location History API.
  • Regeneration of an Admin Key.
  • Changing a security secret.
  • List account and privacy settings.
  • Change privacy settings.

Configuration service endpoints

The Configuration service contains the following endpoints:

POST Register admin key

This endpoint is used to register a customer.

  • Before a customer can use the service, or act as an Admin for Location History endpoints, they must register.
  • Registering creates a configuration for the customer and creates an Admin Key, used to create/edit/delete Location History data.
POST Regenerate admin key

This endpoint is used to regenerate an Admin Key using a previous secret value.

POST Change customer secret

This endpoint is used to update a secret using an old secret.

GET List current options

This endpoint is used to list account and privacy settings.

POST Set new settings values

This endpoint is used to change privacy settings.

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