Service version: v1
Last edit: 2022.08.05

What is the EV Service?

The TomTom EV Service provides information about charging opportunities for Electric Vehicle (EV) drivers. This encompasses locations and detailed information about charging parks and the charging stations within each charging park, as well as realtime availability for the different charging points of each charging station.

The static data provides multiple layers of information, for example:

  • The charging parks for a given country.
  • Shared properties of the charging stations in a charging park like provider, operator, address, location, opening hours, etc.
  • The charging stations that are located in a charging park.
  • Relevant information about charging stations like the location and payment methods.
  • The charging points that belong to a charging station.
  • Relevant information about charging stations like the location, supported charging plug types, and the charging facility type.

The above parameters will be provided where available.

Getting Started

  1. Request access to the TomTom Electromobility service.
  2. Read the API documentation and start coding.

Common use-cases you can implement

Navigation related use cases:

  • Display positions and relevant information of nearby charging parks on a map.
  • Filter charging parks by availability of charging points, provider, supported plug types, supported payment methods, or the like.
  • Notify drivers about availability changes of charging points in their desired charging station.

Feature List

  • The TomTom EV Service REST API provides bulk information about charging parks/stations/points for display on your map view.
  • Detailed compatibility information like plug and payment types for each charging point.
  • Map related information for charging parks like location and entry points.
  • Consumer related information for charging parks like opening hours, operator, etc.