Top 10 Articles you loved from TomTom Developers in 2022

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Dec 12, 2022 • Last edit on Dec 12, 20225 min read
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A Look Back at Your Favorite Blog Articles in 2022

Vue, React, & Angular, oh my – this year, our community of readers enjoyed a mix of tutorials on how to use TomTom Maps APIs & SDKs with a variety of frameworks, and thought leadership and human interest pieces on topics such as collaborative map editing and women in geospatial. Here’s a look back at what you loved reading this year.


How Collaborative Map Editing can keep Maps Fresh in High-growth Areas

The rise of boomtowns around the world provides an ever-changing challenge to mapmakers.

In this article, we explored how TomTom's multi-source approach detects changes in the world and implements those changes on its maps.



Visualizing TomTom Traffic Index Data with Data Science Tools

The TomTom Traffic Index contains a wealth of traffic data from around the world. In this article, we showed you how to gain insights using data science tools such as NumPy and Seaborn for visualization. Learn how to apply your Python skills to mine traffic data for broad patterns and hidden gems – and get ready for the 2022 edition coming in early 2023!



Displaying Multiple Map Locations with Vue and the TomTom Web SDK

The TomTom Maps SDK enables you to create location-based web apps with powerful search capability and much more. Learn how to create a Vue app for users to save and display multiple map locations to keep track of various points in an area.



Using TomTom Maps with React Routing

With the help of React routing and the TomTom Maps API, we’ll display a different country in a React app by appending the country’s name to the URL in the address bar and searching for it.




An Introduction to the New TomTom Navigation SDK

This year we were excited to launch the brand-new TomTom Navigation SDK for Mobile! The Navigation SDK is a powerful and feature-rich tool provided as a set of lightweight modules that allows users to quickly integrate the parts they need into their applications. What this means is that we can readily add features into our applications without hassle, such as:

  • Map visualization
  • Location handling
  • Driver guidance
  • And more!

In this article, we explore the Navigation SDK, its core features, and the advantages of its modular design.



Building a Responsive Location Search Component with Angular

Responsive search brings a lot of value to the table, including the following benefits:

  • A better experience for users who only remember part of what they’re looking for.
  • A faster experience for users searching long strings of text.

In this article, we create a responsive location search component in Angular using TomTom’s Map Display API and Search API.



Meet the Women Mapping the World: Part 1

To celebrate International Women’s Day this year, we highlighted women who are doing awesome things in the GIS and geospatial space in a two-part blog series. Women are underrepresented in STEM fields and there is still much ahead to change – and it all starts with awareness.




Displaying Multiple Maps with React and TomTom Maps SDK for Web

There are many instances where your web application users might need to view multiple locations on a map. The TomTom Maps SDK for Web makes this process simple through using React. Using a Function Component alongside TomTom Maps SDK for Web makes displaying multiple maps on the screen smooth and straightforward.



Creating and Using TomTom Geofences with React

In this tutorial, we’ll explore how to set up and work with a geofence in a React application, using the TomTom Maps SDK for Web and the Geofencing API, and how to set up geofences with irregular shapes using the Geofence Creator. Our app will create a circular geofence around where a user clicks on a map.



Top Five Geolocation Trends for 2022 and Beyond

Geolocation has become more critical than ever, and its relevance will only increase in the near future. This article examines five top geolocation trends and analyzes the wide-ranging possibilities of geolocation in a dynamic world. We’ll also explore how TomTom’s technologies enable developers to take advantage of these trends through 2022 and beyond.



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And there you have it! Our top 10 blogs of 2022. Did we miss anything? Feel free to share your favorite blogs of the year, any projects you built, or what you’d like to see in 2023:

Happy mapping and see you in 2023!

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