TomTom Wins TAAS Technology Award for Electric Vehicle Technology Innovation

Anika Nieh
Jul 12, 2019 • Last edit on Sep 20, 20221 min read
TaaS Technology award next TomTom badge

TaaS Electric Vehicle Technology Award Winners

TomTom was presented with the TaaS (Transportation-as-a-Service) award for Outstanding Electric Vehicle Technology Innovation of the Year for our Electric Vehicle Toolkit.

The award was presented at the TaaS Technology conference in Birmingham, UK. Louis Debatte-Monroy and Tomasso Grossi from the TomTom team were both present to share TomTom’s vision for autonomous driving and the unique features TomTom Maps APIs offer around electric mobility for developers to build innovative applications that help address range anxiety.

The TaaS Technology Conference attracts more than 400 leading decision makers from around the globe. The two-day conference hosts expert presentations exploring the rapidly evolving connected, autonomous, shared and electric transportation industry. Apart of the conference was an award ceremony with companies competing in seven categories. The voting period for the awards were opened for 2 months and generated more than 5,000 votes. The 2019 award nominees included innovative startups, transportation incumbents and technology giants like UPS and Nvidia.

Stay tuned in the upcoming months as we have some more exciting electric mobility related product news!


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