TomTom Takes Home Two Awards at API World 2021

Shannon Stroud
Oct 27, 2021 • Last edit on Sep 20, 20223 min read

You Like Us – You Really Like Us.

We’re feeling like Beyonce at the Grammys this year!


For the third year in a row the API World Awards recognized two of our Maps API products as best-in-class – and we are beyond thrilled. We received recognition in IoT for our Maps Display API and in Automotive for our Routing API.

All jokes aside, we really wanted to take this moment to celebrate not just products that won but the teams behind them & the community of developers who use them.

API World 2021 is the world’s largest API and microservices conference. The conference celebrates innovation, adoption and reception in the API & microservices industry and by the developer community.

Meet the Map Display API team

Our Map Display API team is led by Dominika Spolnik, Daniel Neagu, and Piotr Grad. Their teams are responsible for ensuring that your app is displaying the freshest map.

Earlier this year, our Map Display API got a little bit of a makeover. In May, the team released an update that changed how our maps are displayed on mobile or web applications. The product update enables users to have access to maps that highlight natural features, city & street labels, new color schemes and have more organized points of interest (POIs). You can learn more about the full update here.

The Map Display API is a pivotal piece in building a full map experience for users. A big congratulations to the team who continues to update and improve this product so that it’s best-in-class solution for developers.

Say "Hey" to the Routing API Squad

If Map Display API is a pivotal piece in building a full map experience, then what does that make the Routing API?

A must-have feature.

Our Routing API gets you where you need to be. It’s one thing to have access to a map – it’s another thing trying to figure out your route on your own. With the Routing API, developers can provide their users with directions for cars, electric vehicles, and trucks. The best part, the provided route takes real-time traffic and incidents into consideration to ensure your drivers are getting an optimized route.

The Routing API team is comprised of TomTom’ers like Felix Koenig and Pieter Thysebaert and they’re responsible for ensuring that your users are getting the best routes. Congratulations to this team for making sure we are always on time and where we need to be.

Cheers to You!

Social Images for API World Winner v1

We can’t ignore that for the third year in a row, our APIs have been honored at the API World Awards – it’s a recognition we don’t take lightly, but also something that wouldn’t be possible without our awesome community of developers.

We built the Developer Portal a little over four years ago with the ambition of making map and traffic APIs available to any developer who wanted to add location technology to their application.

We’ve watched our community of map and data lovers grow over these last four years. You’ve asked questions, provided feedback, and have helped us make better products that enable you to challenge and change the world moves.

So this one’s for you – cheers to another year of best-in-class location APIs.

Learn more about the projects you can build with these APIs in our Developer Forum.

Happy mapping!

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