Maps Marker Pro Helps Users Create Maps in Wordpress with TomTom Maps APIs

Ruanna Owens
Mar 12, 2020 • Last edit on Sep 20, 20223 min read

Meet Maps Marker

Maps Marker is the most comprehensive geo-content management system for WordPress. Their main goal is to provide people with an intuitive and user-friendly interface for organizing their spots within their WordPress powered site. They offer a multitude of customizable features, and are constantly working on improving their plugin by adding new and innovative ways for managing and presenting their users' spots.

We chatted with the founder and architect of Maps Marker, Robert Harm, about the inspiration behind Maps Marker Pro, their focus on data privacy, and why they decided to start using TomTom Maps APIs. Learn more about them here:

The Interview

Can you provide us a short bio about yourself?

My name is Robert Harm - I’m the founder and architect of Maps Marker Pro. I’m also an open data and open government activist, IT security enthusiast, former podcast-host and self-proclaimed data geek. I wrote my first line of code on an Amiga 500 and am still at it 30 years and several computer generations later. I live in Vienna, Austria.

Could you share more information on what inspired you to create Maps Marker?

Sure! Maps Marker was born back in 2011, when I built a WordPress map plugin as part of an open data hackathon challenge for the city of Vienna. Soon after I thought: Hey, if I can implement OpenStreetMap, this might be useful for the rest of the world, too! So I started developing Leaflet Maps Marker. I was overwhelmed by the positive responses I received, and the user community grew fast. It all worked out so well that, 1.5 years later, I was able to provide a higher-powered version with Maps Marker Pro. With the help of Chief Developer Officer Thorsten and our wonderful team, we’ve been improving it ever since.

Can you elaborate on your beliefs on data privacy? I noticed that Map Marker doesn’t believe in storing geolocation.

Our users’ map information is only saved in their local databases. We value our users’ privacy and have no access to these databases nor do we retain any location-related data on our servers. Along the same lines, we do not track the use of our plugin to determine how our features are used.

At a very simple level, tell us about Maps Marker. What is it, amd how can people use it?

Maps Marker is the #1 mapping plugin for Wordpress. It allows users to easily create personalized maps and routes for their websites. It's secure, customizable, and simple to use– no programming experience needed!

Why did you start using TomTom Maps APIs – what made it a better choice than other tools you looked at?

We like to offer our users a large variety of providers to create the perfect map for their individual needs. What makes TomTom a great choice is that its maps are both precise and beautifully designed. We also appreciate its performance and the quality of its geocoding. Last but not least, TomTom maps load superfast.

How can people use Maps Marker and TomTom Maps together? What is the use case?

Our users can use TomTom Maps for location sharing. They can also use TomTom geocoding to quickly zoom in on a desired location on their map.

Please touch on the importance of TomTom’s geocoding features when using Maps Marker.

Geocoding is a central feature of Maps Marker Pro and enables the quick and precise location of any spot. Through the use of several different sources, TomTom is able to provide this feature at a very high quality. We are thrilled to be able to offer this perk to all Maps Marker Pro users!

Any additional details you’d like to share about Maps Marker and TomTom?

We hope this exciting cooperation with TomTom is the beginning of a long-term partnership. We look forward to new TomTom features and might be able to incorporate these in Maps Marker Pro in the future!

Learn More About Maps Marker

Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 2.20.22 PM

A big thank you to Robert Harm for taking the time to speak with us about how Maps Marker Pro is using TomTom Maps to provide precise and high-quality maps to their users. To learn more about them, visit their website.

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