Dynalogic delivers quickly and reliably using TomTom location data
Kenneth Clay·Mar 10, 2020

Dynalogic delivers quickly and reliably using TomTom location data

Kenneth Clay
Sr. Marketing Manager
Mar 10, 2020 · 4 min read

A consumer has a broken washing machine and needs a replacement asap that: will be delivered, fully installed, the old machine picked up and all packaging disposed of. This consumer wants to know when Logic will arrive to install the new machine and uses the MyDynalogic Track & Trace app with TomTom location functionality.


DynaGroup is since 2017 part of the Belgian company bpost and provides customers with innovative supply chain solutions. Their organization consists of five businesses that complement each other, each from their own unique specialism. Each business unit is specialized in services and solutions for customers in the financial sector, the travel and insurance industry, government, e-commerce, and telecom. The units complement each other and together guarantee total solutions that completely take care of the customer. More than 2,000 employees, spread over 10 locations in the Benelux, work together day after day to exceed the expectations of their customers with one primary goal: turning every customer into a fan.

Dynalogic (as part of Dynagroup) is all about increasing the conversion and absolute customer satisfaction through speed and flexibility in personalized logistics for both the sender and receiver of goods. Clients can track their order and rely with high confidence on timely delivery.

How does Dynalogic thrive in the supply chain world when so many transportation challenges exist? How did their decision to switch to the use of TomTom location data benefit Dynalogic and their customers? Recently I sat down with Freek Cörvers, Software Development Manager and Danny Schiffelers, Implementation Manager from Dynalogic to learn how.


Tell us more about Dynalogic and what it is.

Dynalogic is a supply chain and logistics company. We specialize in providing fast, efficient and reliable delivery of goods to our loyal customer base. Your phone just broke and you need a replacement urgently, within a 2-hour window, not sometime during the day – we do that. I need my washing-machine delivered and installed when and where I specified with no excuses – we do that too. Dynalogic operates in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg and specializes in personalized logistics and e-commerce solutions.

What about the origins story, how did Dynalogic start?

Originally started in 1995, the company was branded Dynafix in 2003. The logistics part of the Dynafix organization was separated into the business unit Dynalogic. The company founder got his start installing the first mobile phones in cars in his garage. He then started repairing phones and televisions. Once the device was repaired, he would return them using various distribution channels. But over time he heard from his clients that they wanted to receive their products more quickly and reliably. But his current logistics partners couldn’t deliver on that need. So, Dynalogic was launched to help fill that delivery gap. Our mandate is “speed and reliability to market”.

What were the most important factors in deciding on the use of TomTom location/maps APIs?

We had previously been using another API vendor. We’re always in search of improved performance for our customers at a competitive price point. Our API vendor at the time announced a significantly updated new pricing model. This, coupled with our desire to improve the performance of our delivery system, caused us to initiate a competitive benchmark. In 2019 we started using TomTom data.

As you started to scale and decided to create a mobile solution, what TomTom location services did you use?

Dynalogic employs the MyDynalogic platform to ensure flexible, timely and reliable last-mile deliveries. This platform leverages several TomTom products: Maps API, Search API and Routing API.

The TomTom Search API is used to accurately identify delivery geolocations. The TomTom Map API is used to depict delivery routes and locations on a map. The TomTom Routing API is used to provide highly accurate estimated-time-of-arrival (ETA) calculations.


These TomTom products make use of rich content and sophisticated algorithms to ensure accurate mapping information despite transportation challenges. Factors the TomTom data consider during geolocation and ETA calculations include: road speed, traffic congestion, fastest route, road closures and restricted roadways to name a few.

MyDynalogic_TomTom_MapsWhat has been your experience using TomTom data thus far?

We’re very pleased with the change to TomTom. Our detailed performance benchmarking reinforced our decision to move to the use of TomTom data. Customer feedback since the change has also been positive. The transition was seamless. TomTom had the right products, documentation and support needed for a transparent transition.

What’s the next big thing for Dynalogic? What’s the goal for the near and far future?

We are currently implementing new route-plan software, which will be cloud-based and include better algorithms to help optimize our tours and reduce CO2 emissions. The new route-plan software is better able to deal with traffic information, and in the future, we want to integrate at least historical traffic congestion information, but if possible also real-time traffic information to optimize our tours and make our on-time delivery promise even more reliable.


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