20 Inspiring Mapping & Developer Resources from June 2021

Ruanna Owens
Jul 6, 2021 • Last edit on Sep 20, 20226 min read

June flew by! June was a month where we celebrated the stories of some amazing software developers, from Women in Engineering Day to Pride month. Take a look at some of our favorite resources from June and discover what our developer advocates and location experts were up to, to help you make the most of location tech in your apps and beyond.


Learn how to use TomTom maps with Vue, Quasar, or a CMS like Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla – or explore our on-demand tutorials, from taxi summoning to food delivery apps.

Adding TomTom Maps to a Vue + Quasar App

Learn how to add advanced location technology to your Quasar app in just a few minutes. In this tutorial, we create a sample Quasar application and create a route with restrictions for trucks using TomTom’s truck routing API with Vue and JavaScript.

Summoning Taxis with TomTom Maps APIs

In this tutorial, we review how to program a taxi summoning service using TomTom APIs and SDKs. You just need to know a little JavaScript to follow this tutorial — but our libraries support other languages too.

How to Use Isochrones for Food Delivery

Isochrones are the secret sauce to precise deliveries – they depict the location from which someone can travel to another location within a certain amount of time and with a certain cost. In this article, we explore isochrones and how to use them in food delivery apps.


How to Easily Add a Map to your Website for CMS Users

In this article, we’ll explore how easy it is to create a maps plugin that enables users to add maps to their website, with a custom administrative page where businesses can easily add store information.


How to Optimize your Routes for Distance with the TomTom Routing API

Did you know you can optimize routes and stop-overs for distance using the Routing API? If you need to save on fuel (or battery), this is a great option for delivery trucks and bikes. In this video, we will experiment with the "computeBestOrder" parameter which sorts the waypoints of your route by distance internally. Check out the tutorial here!

Build a Trip Planner for Trucks with the TomTom Routing APIs

Calculating where to rest on a long truck trip can be tedious, since there are restrictions to be followed, traffic to be avoided, and more. Here is where the TomTom Routing API can help. In this video, learn how to make a truck trip planner – not just creating the route among waypoints, but also selecting those stopovers based on how long you can drive between rests. Watch it now!


Our Developer Forum is a great place to get support when you’re stuck on a project or get inspiration for a new one. Here are some of our most popular questions and answers from the forum this month.

Introducing New Maps APIs PricingCalculate Total Miles per StateDisplaying TomTom Maps with Angular



There were so many resources we loved in June. We found and shared so many that this month we’re organizing them by category. Here are some articles, videos, and resources we enjoyed and shared this month:

Celebrating Inclusivity

All Things Tech

Dose of Inspiration


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We hope there’s something in here to get you inspired for your next project! Make sure to follow us on Twitter and YouTube to see what’s coming up in July.

Happy mapping!

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