19 Location Technology & Developer Resources from September 2021

Ruanna Owens
Oct 5, 2021 • Last edit on Sep 20, 20225 min read

September means saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall! It is a time of transition and change, and here at TomTom Developers things have been picking up! Next month you can expect some product updates and a bunch of events, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves: let’s review what happened in September.

TomTom Developer Blogs

This month was all about data science: we explored how you can retrieve, analyze, and visualize data from maps apps using some of our APIs. Think outside the box and see how you can gain valuable insights from mapping data.

Analyzing and Visualizing TomTom Location History Data

Now more than ever, developers and data scientists can glean insights into datasets. This article explores the easiest ways to use data science tools to retrieve, analyze, and visualize data from maps applications. We’ll focus on the Location History API, which keeps track of where things have been over time and allows users to manage multiple objects’ locations.

Map Accessibility: How to Customize your map for Color Blindness

In honor of Color-Blind Awareness Day, learn how to make your maps more inclusive with color schemes for color blindness with the TomTom Map Styler. Users can customize mapping layers with color palettes created specifically for different color vision ranges, or even create a map with a color schema interpreted by all forms of color vision deficiency all at once.

Using Data Science to Analyze and Visualize TomTom Notification Data

Data scientists can access a wealth of mapping data to enhance their business insights. Pull TomTom's information into your favorite data science tools using webhooks and APIs, then visualize and analyze away! It's easy with just a bit of Python. This article looks at how you can gain deep insights about more efficient routes and ways to make faster deliveries, or maybe even highlight an area your business can further develop.


How to Use TomTom Data for Predictive Modeling

Data fuels predictive models. Learn how to access TomTom's historical and real-time traffic data and build it into a predictive model to gain insight into future traffic accidents your company may expect on specific routes and more.

Unique Customizations with TomTom Maps APIs

Explore some fun and unique customization features with our Maps APIs. Learn how to help your users find the thrilling route to their destination, haul specific load types like radioactive materials, and discover how far they can get on a tank of fuel.

YouTube Videos

Flutter with the TomTom Search API

In this video, we integrated Fuzzy Search with our TomTom Map demo built with Flutter. This time, running on an iOS simulator, we were able to create a biased search for POIs around us, and view the results as markers on our map.

Adding a TomTom Map in React Native

React Native WebView helps your JavaScript application's maps look great across all web platforms. Learn how to embed an interactive TomTom map in your application while ensuring a consistent look across iOS and Android devices — without coding twice.


Kazan Digital Week

Jeroen Brouwer, Esther Tol, Marcin Graczyk, and Jonathan Americo gave a panel on Traffic Information Services: Addressing Challenges of Modern Cities. To learn more about the event, click here.


If you have any questions or roadblocks while building with our Maps APIs, you can always stop by our Developer Forum or our subreddit r/TomTom to get help from us and the community. Here are some popular posts from this month:

Even More Resources

These were some of our favorite external articles and videos this month:

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