18 Developer Resources from February 2022

Ruanna Owens
Mar 4, 2022 • Last edit on Sep 20, 20225 min read

February is the shortest month of the year, but it wasn’t short on mapping tutorials & resources. Check out anything you may have missed this past month from TomTom Developers!

TomTom Developer Blogs

Using TomTom maps with React and Vue, a new Mapmakers spotlight, and everything you need to know about keeping your maps fresh and up to date. Read on:

Fresh Maps are Crucial in Urban City Centers: Here's Why

Road closures are inevitable in urban centers and these closures change from day-to-day and minute-to-minute. Learn how fresh data helps developers keep up with these shifts so their users get accurate information to reach their destination safely and on time.

Creating and Using TomTom Geofences with React

Geofences help define a map area and enable alerts when someone, or something, crosses the boundary. Learn how to build geofences using the Maps SDK for Web and Geofencing API, placing a circular area on a map when a user clicks a point.


Displaying Multiple Maps with React and TomTom Maps SDK for Web

Learn how to add and display multiple locations on a TomTom map using modern, idiomatic React. You’ll see how React’s build-in state management can store and manage map locations. Follow this tutorial to discover how to add this feature to your applications to support fleets and help everyday users.

TomTom Mapmakers: Meet Hanno Spijker, Product Manager, EV Routing

Our Mapmakers series highlights the people behind the products. This month we spoke with Hanno Spijker, Product Manager, specializing in EV Routing. Keep reading to learn more about his career journey, from an early love of computers to aerospace to electric vehicles.

Creating and Using TomTom Geofences with Vue

Geofencing is key to managing locations. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create and visualize TomTom Maps geofences in a Vue app. You’ll see how Vue’s built-in state management can store and manage locations that represent where a device entered or left the geofenced area.

Adding a TomTom Map in Svelte

Developer Advocate Jose Jose Rojas tries the Svelte app sample from this article and adds some extra functionality to the code using CodingSandBox! Learn how to add TomTom maps into a Svelte app and add routing.

How to Add a Map in 2 Minutes to your Website

Have a website? In this video with Developer Advocate Olivia Vahsen, learn how to add a map and a marker to your website in under 2 minutes using the TomTom Maps SDK for Web.

TomTom Traffic Index Webinar: A closer look at traffic and traffic-induced emissions in 2021

On February 21, TomTom held a webinar on the 2022 Traffic Index with Product Marketing Manager Jonathan Americo, Software Engineer Anna Nowak, and Research Manager Gunnar Berghäuser. This year’s Traffic Index delves into the state of traffic and congestion in the past year, and chronicles how urban movement trends have evolved. For the first time ever, it also documents the environmental cost of these changes through an analysis of traffic-induced emissions in 2021 and provides actionable insights.

In this webinar, we took a deep dive into the methodology behind the TomTom Traffic Index, featuring exclusive emissions data, including what the past year meant for traffic and congestion and how TomTom data on traffic and traffic-induced emissions can help individuals, businesses and governments make decisions that safeguard the future of mobility.

You can explore the latest traffic index here.

If you have any questions or roadblocks while building with our Maps APIs, you can always stop by our  Developer Forum or our subreddit r/TomTom to get help from us and the community. Here are some popular posts from this month:

Do you have a blog or project you’d like to share with the TomTom Developers community to be featured in an upcoming monthly roundup? Reach out to us at or in our subreddit r/tomtom and let us know!

We hope there’s something in here to get you inspired for your next project! Make sure to follow us on Twitter and YouTube to see what’s coming up in March.

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