16 Tips and Tools to Build your Location App with in August

Ruanna Owens
Aug 27, 2021 • Last edit on Sep 20, 20225 min read

Ah, August – the last official month of summer. Whether you took some time to travel locally, globally, or simply had a relaxing staycation, we kept busy by creating tutorials and finding resources for all things location tech and developers. Take a look at what you may have missed this month and get caught up!


Let’s get technical! This month we delved into how to use TomTom Maps with a variety of frameworks, from Svelte to React to React Native. We also built a traffic incident app with our Maps SDK for Android, and spoke with Product Marketing Manager Jonathan Americo for our Mapmakers series.

TomTom Mapmakers: Meet Jonathan Americo, Product Marketing Manager

Product Marketing Manager and traffic expert Jonathan Americo was our featured mapmaker this month. Read about how he got to where he is now, and the importance of traffic data.

Adding TomTom Maps to a Svelte App

Svelte is a framework that takes a new approach to building user interfaces and makes building your app easier than ever – and enhancing Svelte apps with interactive maps is quick and easy. In this article, learn how to add a map to your app, center the user's current location, and link the location and chosen destination using the TomTom Maps SDK and a little bit of JavaScript.


Using the TomTom Maps Web SDK in a React Native Web View App

React Native WebView helps your JavaScript application's maps look great across all web platforms. In this tutorial, learn how to embed an interactive TomTom map in your application while ensuring a consistent look across iOS and Android devices — without coding twice.

Building a Traffic Incident App with the TomTom Maps SDK for Android

Get tips on building an Android app with a real-time traffic incident dashboard – along with displaying traffic flow and allowing users to search for incidents. We'll go over how using RESTful APIs and the TomTom SDK for Android.

Adding Advanced Mapping Features to a Modern React App

Digital maps are critical for navigating cities and continents and provide directions in real time to guide travelers. This article shows you how to create a digital map by integrating the advanced mapping features of TomTom’s Search API and Routing API into a modern React web app.

YouTube Videos

Displaying Maps with Flutter

Our developer advocates Jose & Olivia followed this tutorial in video form to learn Flutter and how to add a map and marker with the TomTom Maps APIs. Check it out below.


From retrieving raw traffic data to plotting zip codes on a map, we had some great questions come through the Developer Forum this month. Take a look at some of the most common questions and answers:


External Resources

We’ve been loving Hashnode lately, and we're big fans of these articles this month.

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Happy mapping!

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