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TomTom Routing is a suite of web services designed for developers to use our latest scalable routing engine.

Questions and answers:
  • What is a Routing API and how does it work?
  • What is TomTom's Waypoint Optimization service?
  • What is Matrix Routing, and when is it beneficial?
  • What are the key features of the Routing APIs?
  • Can the Routing API be customized for specific use cases?
  • Can the API create alternative routes in case of unexpected events?
  • How can developers integrate the Routing API into their applications?
  • How can businesses benefit from using a Routing API?
  • How does the API calculate travel time and distance?
  • How does the API handle live traffic information?
  • What does 'Engine error while executing route request: STOPPED' mean?
  • A request was canceled, or the response time is long. How can I reduce the response time?
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