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Intermediate traffic

Intermediate Traffic

Intermediate traffic is an API for downloading traffic data that is used in server-based (intermediate) systems.

Questions and answers:
  • Intermediate traffic service - how big are the feeds?
  • I have access to multiple incident and / or flow feeds. How many feeds can be downloaded and processed in parallel?
  • Do the feeds contain specific events on road regulations due to COVID-19?
  • Where is the Intermediate Traffic Service hosted?
  • What is the difference between Flow DatexII, Flow – Protobuf and Flow Detailed Protobuf?
  • What speeds are contained in the non free flow (nff) feeds?
  • What are the use cases to have both TMC and OpenLR in the same Flow (Detailed) feed?
  • What are the definitions of the different traffic condition values in the Flow feed?
  • How does one go about identifying all roads that are currently closed, using the Incident Feed?
  • I use detailed Flow (Dynamic Sectioning) and I want to enable the 15/30/45 minute prediction. How will enabling prediction affect the flowType setting?
  • How, exactly, do I access TomTom's Intermediate Traffic Feed?
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