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The Geocoding API is a powerful tool that converts addresses, such as

"109 Park Row, New York, United States," into geographic coordinates (e.g., "lat": 40.71226, "lon": -74.00207).

Designed for machine-to-machine interaction, the TomTom Geocoding API is capable of handling requests from automated systems to geocode addresses that may be incomplete, incorrectly formatted, or contain typos, providing the best possible result.

Questions and answers:
  • What is the TomTom Geocoding API, and what does it do?
  • How does the Geocoding API handle incomplete or incorrectly formatted addresses?
  • What information does the Geocoding API infer from a textual place description?
  • What are the optional parameters that can be used with the Geocoding API
  • In what formats can I receive the geocoding information from the API?
  • What are the main elements included in the geographic information provided by the Geocoding API?
  • Does the Geocoding API return Points of Interest (POIs)?
  • When should I use the structured geocoding endpoint, and what type of data does it require?
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