5 Cool Ways to Use Maps APIs

APIs are designed to help developers build applications easier and faster, and SDKs help speed up the process by turning some of the most complex APIs into even easier-to-use functions. We’ll take a look at some of the most interesting ideas we see the TomTom Maps SDK for Web being used for and how to implement them.
Apr 12, 2023 · 9 min read
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How to Reconstruct a Route from Data Points with the Snap to Roads API

In this easy-to-follow tutorial, you’ll learn about the TomTom Snap to Roads API and how you can use it to reconstruct a route. We’ll also show you how to integrate the route into an app (we’ve used React here, but you can also use Angular or Vue) to ensure you get a perfect reconstruction.
Jan 05, 2023·9 mins read
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Add Live Traffic Data to Your Site in 5 Minutes

There are several benefits to displaying real-time traffic on your TomTom map, like knowing about accidents and construction, anticipating ETAs, and more. In this article, we’ll see how to add live traffic data to your TomTom map in five minutes.
Jul 12, 2022·10 mins read
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Visualizing TomTom Traffic Index Data with Data Science Tools

TomTom Traffic Index 2021 contains a wealth of traffic data from around the world. We'll show you how to gain insights using data science tools such as NumPy and Seaborn for visualization. Learn how to apply your Python skills to mine traffic data for broad patterns and hidden gems.
Mar 25, 2022·9 mins read
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Using TomTom Data to Improve Delivery Routes

TomTom’s historical traffic data helps data scientists analyze the best route for delivery drivers. Learn how to use the Search API, Routing API, Python, and your favorite data science tools to find start and destination point coordinates, access route information, and visualize the best route.
Mar 06, 2022·9 mins read

Using Mapping APIs to Reward Insurance Customers for Good Driving Habits

Many insurance companies turn to mobile applications to monitor their clients’ safe — or not so safe — driving. Learn how to use TomTom Maps APIs to build out an app that insurance companies can trust to reward drivers for their good driving habits.
Nov 24, 2021·8 mins read