5 Cool Ways to Use Maps APIs

APIs are designed to help developers build applications easier and faster, and SDKs help speed up the process by turning some of the most complex APIs into even easier-to-use functions. We’ll take a look at some of the most interesting ideas we see the TomTom Maps SDK for Web being used for and how to implement them.
Apr 12, 2023 · 9 min read
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Plan Your Road Trip Menu in Advance with the TomTom Routing and Search APIs

Learn how to use Python and pip to create an app that can locate restaurants along road trip routes. Plan the perfect travel menu by finding restaurants that align with your ideal meal stop times!
Nov 10, 2022·11 mins read
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Building a Responsive Location Search Component with Angular

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to add responsive search functionality to your maps. Discover the value of responsive search and help your users find points of interest (POIs) quickly and easily.
Aug 12, 2022·6 mins read
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Using TomTom Data to Improve Delivery Routes

TomTom’s historical traffic data helps data scientists analyze the best route for delivery drivers. Learn how to use the Search API, Routing API, Python, and your favorite data science tools to find start and destination point coordinates, access route information, and visualize the best route.
Mar 06, 2022·9 mins read

How to Architect a Fitness Tracker App with TomTom Maps

Have you considered building a fitness app but don't know what's involved? This article helps you understand, at a high level, what goes into building out a fitness tracker app and how you can use TomTom’s APIs to do so quickly. Read on to get inspired.
Dec 09, 2021·6 mins read
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Using TomTom Location Autocomplete and Suggestions in React Native

Search capabilities are a must-have in modern applications. Learn how to add TomTom Search API to your React Native app. Then, please your mapping application users with a search function, suggested results, and zeroing in on their desired location to quickly find exactly what they're seeking.
Nov 04, 2021·14 mins read
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Autocomplete and Suggestions with the Search API

TomTom's Search API with autocomplete enables you to provide more meaningful results to your application's users. Take a look on how you can improve your search results within your app.
Dec 06, 2019·8 mins read
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What is Fuzzy Search?

If you're developing an application that needs location search functions, then check out our blog on implementing Fuzzy Search, Point of Interest Search and Category Search in your project. We discuss what source search is and how to implement an online search API in a web application.
Mar 28, 2019·9 mins read