Implementation of the Reverse Geocoding API utilizing TomTom's online service.

Reverse geocoding involves converting geographic latitude and longitude coordinates into a human-readable address or location description comprehensible to humans. This process enables the identification of precise location details, such as street addresses, cities, postal codes, and other pertinent information associated with a particular point on a map.

For instance, the coordinates (52.391174, 4.910375) can be translated into the address (Distelweg, 141031 HE, Amsterdam).

A common scenario is allowing users to click on a map and obtain the address corresponding to the clicked position.


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object Companion

Contains the factory method for creating an instance of OnlineReverseGeocoder.


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open override fun close()

Closes the Reverse Geocoder Client.

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Translates geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) into a human-readable address.