Reverse Geocoding request options.

Reverse geocoding options are used to specify the parameters of a reverse geocoding request. They consist of a position and optional parameters such as heading, radius, roadUses, areaTypes, locale, preferClosestAccurateAddress, and fetchGeometry.

To specify reverse geocoding options, create an instance of ReverseGeocoderOptions class:

val reverseGeocoderOptions = ReverseGeocoderOptions(
position = GeoPoint(52.377271, 4.909466),
heading = Angle.Companion.degrees(90.0),
radius = Distance.Companion.meters(1000.0),
areaTypes = setOf(AreaType.Municipality),
locale = Locale.ENGLISH,
preferClosestAccurateAddress = false,
fetchGeometry = false


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constructor(position: GeoPoint, heading: Angle? = null, radius: Distance = DEFAULT_RADIUS, areaTypes: Set<AreaType> = emptySet(), locale: Locale = Locale.getDefault(), preferClosestAccurateAddress: Boolean = false, fetchGeometry: Boolean = false)

Constructs a ReverseGeocoderOptions object with the given parameters.


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object Companion

Contains the default values for reverse geocoding options.


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Filters results to specific geographical area types. When areaTypes is set, the parameters heading and roadUses are ignored.

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Specifies if geometry shapes should be fetched for reverse geocoding results, where available.

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The directional heading of the vehicle in degrees while traveling on a road segment. North is 0 degrees, East is 90 degrees, etc.

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The language used for displaying results. If not provided, the system default language is used.

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The geographical coordinates to be translated into a human-readable address.

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Determines whether the closest accurate address is preferred over the address with the closest navigable coordinates.

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The maximum distance from the specified position that the reverse geocoder will search within. Defaults to DEFAULT_RADIUS.


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fun copy(position: GeoPoint = this.position, heading: Angle? = this.heading, radius: Distance = this.radius, areaTypes: Set<AreaType> = this.areaTypes, locale: Locale = this.locale, preferClosestAccurateAddress: Boolean = this.preferClosestAccurateAddress, fetchGeometry: Boolean = this.fetchGeometry): ReverseGeocoderOptions

Creates a copy of this ReverseGeocoderOptions object with optional parameter overrides.