Manages the contents of a PanelContainer.

Responsible for visualizing the panelContainerData inside a container. See onPanelContainerDataChanged for details.

This class facilitates that by managing the internal lifecycle, the lifecycle of the Fragments for each attached panel and the panel stack.

Note: bind must be called before instance of PanelContainerController can be used.



The panel container ViewGroup type that implements the PanelContainer interface.


The panel sub-container view model type.


The type of the panel container data. The panel container data is the input data that is visualized by the panel container.


The type of the panel sub-container data. The data is derived from the panelContainerData.


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The panel sub-container view models.


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Binds this controller to the system UI with the given panelContainerContext. A controller may only be bound once and must be unbound through unbind when destroying the controller.

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open override fun toString(): String
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fun unbind()

Unbinds this controller from the system UI. The controller must have been bound through bind first.