class IviDefaultsNavkit2ConfigPlugin : IviDefaultsPlugin

Plugin to configure NavKit2 API key and Onboard Map through a configuration provider.

The behavior of this plugin is controlled by the navkitApiKey and useInternalNavkitApiKey:

  • When navkitApiKey property value is not empty, then this property value is configured as the NavKit API key.

  • When useInternalNavkitApiKey property is set to true, then the TomTom-internal NavKit2 API key is configured.

  • When both properties are set, then the navkitApiKey property takes precedence and the useInternalNavkitApiKey property is ignored.

  • When both properties are not set, then the build fails. This can be disabled by setting the disableNavkitApiKeyBuildTimeCheck property to true.

The NavKit2 Onboard Map configured by the following attributes:

  • When navkit2OnboardMapPathKey property is not empty, then it overrides the default path to the TomTom Navkit2 onboard map.

  • When navkit2OnboardMapKeystorePathKey property is not empty, then it overrides the default path to the TomTom NavKit2 onboard map keystore.

  • In all cases the navkit2OnboardMapKeystorePassword property should be configured locally in order to be used. If the property is not set the onboard map will fail to load.

  • When navkit2MapDisplayTileOnboardServiceUriKey property is not empty, then it overrides the default API key for TomTom Navkit2 tile service.

Note: The default NavKit2 Onboard Map values could be found in the com.tomtom.ivi.platform.navkit2.api.common.configuration.json file.

The property values are obtained from the local.properties file located in the root directory of the project and from Gradle properties. The property values in the local.properties file take precedence over the Gradle properties.

Note: This plugin configures a single API key for all NavKit2 online services. If this is not desired, the individual NavKit2 API keys need to be configured in Android resources or by adding a Navkit2ApiKeyStaticConfigurationProvider instance in the Android Application class as static configuration provider. In this case you must set disableNavkitApiKeyBuildTimeCheck property to true to disable this plugin.

Plugin ID: com.tomtom.ivi.appsuite.navkit2.defaults.config.


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fun IviDefaultsNavkit2ConfigPlugin()


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object Companion


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open override fun IviDefaultsExtension.applyDefaults(project: Project)

Inherited functions

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override fun apply(project: Project)