23 Resources for Developers in January 2022
Ruanna Owens·Feb 07, 2022

23 Resources for Developers in January 2022

Ruanna OwensRuanna Owens
Ruanna Owens
Ruanna is a Digital Marketer for TomTom, specializing in Developer Relations and B2B. With a background in writing and content creation, she enjoys being creative and using content as a vessel to facilitate human connection, tell stories, and create change. Passionate about education and tech for good, she is also committed to increasing equity and diversity in the tech space and building meaningful relationships in the developer community.
Feb 07, 2022 · 6 min read

New year, new us! We kicked off the new year with a fresh new look and feel to our documentation pages and new APIs to build with. Keep reading to catch up on any blogs, videos, and events you may have missed this past month.

New year, new us! We kicked off the new year with a fresh new look and feel to our documentation pages and new APIs to build with: The Snap to Roads API, Matrix Routing V2, and the Waypoint Optimization API, all in Public Preview. Keep reading to catch up on any blogs, videos, and events you may have missed this past month.

TomTom Developer Blog

Top Five Geolocation Trends for 2022 and Beyond

Geolocation is powering a whole new generation of technologies. Learn about the top five geolocation trends for this year and beyond, how they’re changing, how people and machines navigate their environment, and what that means for developers.

How TomTom Maps APIs Enable Just-in-Time Construction Material Delivery

Our Maps APIs can be used for a variety of use cases. One of them is asset tracking. Construction projects require planning and coordination to ensure time-sensitive materials like concrete and asphalt arrive when workers are ready. Here’s a high-level overview of how developers can use TomTom’s APIs and geofencing help plan routes, track ETA, and send alerts to optimize construction efficiency.

Creating a Real-Time Construction Fleet Planning App with TomTom Maps APIs

We’re talking about construction again, but this time we’re going deep into tutorial land. Learn how to build a construction fleet planning application using TomTom’s Routing API with its Calculate Route method to calculate the possible routes, the Location History API to track a vehicle’s location, and the Geofencing API to determine when construction vehicles are close to the site.


Displaying Multiple Map Locations with Vue and the TomTom Web SDK

The TomTom Maps SDK enables you to create location-based web apps with powerful search capability and much more. Learn how to create a Vue app for users to save and display multiple map locations to keep track of various points in an area.

TomTom Mapmakers: Meet Marcin Graczyk, Engineering Manager

Our Mapmaker series is back, showcasing some of the people behind the tech. This month we spoke with Marcin Graczyk, Engineering Manager, specializing in Traffic and Travel Information. Check out this blog to learn more about Marcin’s experience in computer science, software engineering, and traffic data and products, and his thoughts on the future of connected and electric vehicles.

Using TomTom Maps APIs to Assist EV-Powered Food Delivery and On-Demand Services

Food delivery drivers and on-demand services are adopting electric vehicles, despite challenges finding chargers and delivering within range. Developers can use TomTom Maps APIs to create on-demand apps, helping drivers optimize their EV use and quickly get items to their destination. Learn how.

YouTube Videos

We’ve got four fresh new video tutorials for you this month on how to use our new APIs and the problems you can solve with them. Check them out below.

The New Matrix Routing – Distance Matrix with the TomTom Maps APIs

The Matrix Routing v2 API allows clients to calculate a matrix of route summaries for a set of routes defined with origin and destination locations.

The TomTom Snap to Roads API

The Snap to Roads API makes route reconstruction and post-trip analysis simple – learn more in this video!

YouTube video player

Last Mile Delivery with the TomTom Maps APIs

We can all relate to the frustration of experiencing a delay when a requested delivery or service doesn’t match its expected arrival time. With technology advancing, customer expectations are also rising. Today Marisol tells us how to fix this with the TomTom Maps APIs.

Waypoint Optimization API - Solving the Traveling Salesman Problem

The new Waypoint Optimization API brings a way to solve the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) or Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) for each route by optimizing a series of waypoints for shortest possible travel time or distance. This API allows users to pre-plan delivery routes for multiple destinations and can be used with the TomTom Routing API or a third-party routing engine. Learn more in the video!


Home Delivery World Webinar

On January 25, TomTom Product Marketing Manager Anna Borbotko moderated a disucssion about Last Mile Strategies to Solve the ETA Conundrum along with panelists from Oda, Bringg, and Dispatch Track. You can learn more about the event here.

CoMotion Webinar: Delivery On Demand

On January 26, TomTom Developer Advocate Olivia Vahsen joined panelists form Nuro, Urbanism Next, and Duffl for a discussion how to operate your delivery fleet in a more efficient and sustainable way. Missed the event? No worries – you can catch the recording here.


If you have any questions or roadblocks while building with our Maps APIs, you can always stop by our  Developer Forum or our subreddit r/TomTom to get help from us and the community. Here are some popular posts from this month:

External Resources

These were some of our favorite external articles and videos this month:


Do you have a blog or project you’d like to share with the TomTom Developers community to be featured in an upcoming monthly roundup? Reach out to us at developeradvocacy@groups.tomtom.com and let us know!

We hope there’s something in here to get you inspired for your next project! Make sure to follow us on Twitter and YouTube to see what’s coming up in February.

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