Best Practices for Geocoding

This article includes a high-level discussion of geocoding. We highlight the top challenges and best practices of geocoding. We also explore why, when, and how to use geocoding in your TomTom maps.
Sep 16, 2022·5 mins read

An Introduction to the New TomTom Navigation SDK

TomTom’s Navigation SDK bring decades of experience in perfecting GPS navigation into our hands. This article explores how the Navigation SDK’s modularity makes it easy to add features like map visualization and location handling into our applications.
Sep 05, 2022·8 mins read

Raster Versus Vector: Which Map Style Is Right for You?

TomTom’s Map Display API also provides detailed maps with superior flexibility from two different imaging styles: raster and vector. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about raster and vector maps to help determine which approach is right for your app.
Jul 24, 2022·6 mins read

The vehicleHeading Routing Parameter Explained

In this article, we’ll explore the vehicleHeading parameter at a high level. We’ll discuss what this parameter does and how it impacts our routes using the TomTom Routing API using a quick React app to demonstrate.
Jul 19, 2022·6 mins read

Using the Snap to Roads API with React

TomTom’s Snap to Roads API matches GPS coordinates to detailed road information to determine the most probable routes. This tutorial teaches you to create a React app that reconstructs driver journeys using Snap to Roads.
Jun 24, 2022·8 mins read

Fresh Maps are Crucial in Urban City Centers: Here's Why

Road closures are inevitable in urban centers and these closures change from day-to-day and minute-to-minute. Learn how fresh data helps developers keep up with these shifts so their users get accurate information to reach their destination safely and on time.
Feb 01, 2022·6 mins read

Using TomTom Maps APIs to Assist EV-Powered Food Delivery and On-Demand Services

Food delivery drivers and on-demand services are adopting electric vehicles, despite challenges finding chargers and delivering within range. Developers can use TomTom Maps APIs to create on-demand apps, helping drivers optimize their EV use and quickly get items to their destination. Learn how.
Jan 28, 2022·8 mins read

How TomTom Maps APIs Enable Just-in-Time Construction Material Delivery

Construction projects require planning and coordination to ensure time-sensitive materials like concrete and asphalt arrive when workers are ready. Learn how TomTom’s APIs and geofencing help plan routes, track ETA, and send alerts to optimize construction efficiency.
Jan 10, 2022·6 mins read
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