public struct GuidanceTriggeringConfig

Configurations for triggering guidance.

This outlines the configurations that can be used to trigger guidance for navigation instructions. Guidance instructions include both visual and audio components, which provide accurate and practical assistance to the user.

As the user approaches the maneuver point, there are four distinct ‘Instruction Stages’ at which audio information is communicated:

  • Far away
  • Early instruction
  • Main instruction
  • Confirmation

The default configurations for each of these TriggeringPoints is accessed using the GuidanceTriggeringConfig struct, which provides functions for retrieving configurations for each of the default attribute combinations. By using these configurations, developers can ensure that the distance to maneuver displayed in the navigation instruction panel corresponds to the spoken distance in the audio instruction, providing a more seamless and effective user experience.


This is a Public Preview API. It may be changed or removed at any time.
  • The default configuration for displaying and speaking instructions.

    To guide the driver along the route, the navigation system invokes guiding instructions for every maneuver. Timing for displaying in the NIP(Next Instruction Panel) and speaking instructions are configured in the defaultConfig variable. Specifying the TriggeringPoint for the TriggerType when the system should present the instruction to the driver.



    public static var defaultConfig: TriggeringConfig { get }