public protocol PolygonOverlay : Annotation

A polygon overlay can be built by setting the outer area color and adding inner polygons. Only one inner polygon is supported, but the inner polygons can be nested. Example:

   let innerOptions = InnerPolygonOptions(fillColor: .red
                                      coordinates: coordinates)

   innerOptions.nestedPolygonOptions = InnerPolygonOptions(
       fillColor: UIColor.blue,
       coordinates: coordinates

   let polygonOptions = PolygonOverlayOptions(outerColor: .green,
                                          innerPolygonOptions: innerOptions)

   try? mapView.map.addPolygonOverlay(options: polygonOptions)


  • Color that will be used to fill outer area of the polygon.



    var outerColor: PolygonOverlayOptions.Color { get }