class DestinationConnectionLineStyle(val linePatternTexture: Image = DEFAULT_LINE_PATTERN_TEXTURE, val patternWidth: Double = DEFAULT_PATTERN_WIDTH, val outlineColor: Int = DEFAULT_OUTLINE_COLOR)

Represents a style configuration for the line between the final destination point and the final navigable point.

During instance construction, certain input values are checked against the range of values expected for that field (e.g., width values must be non-negative).

  • Default assets and resources are bundled into the library. You do not need to supply any asset/resource files unless you want to customize something (for example, the icon of waypoint markers).

Important: This is a Public Preview API. It may be changed or removed at any time.


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constructor(linePatternTexture: Image = DEFAULT_LINE_PATTERN_TEXTURE, patternWidth: Double = DEFAULT_PATTERN_WIDTH, outlineColor: Int = DEFAULT_OUTLINE_COLOR)


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object Companion


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The pattern image for the connection line.

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The outline color of the connection line.

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The pattern width of the connection line. This parameter must be greater than 0.