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interface FuzzySearchCallback : Callback<FuzzySearchResponse, FuzzySearchError>

Callback that informs about a received FuzzySearchResponse or respective FuzzySearchError.

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class FuzzySearchError(val message: String = "") : SearchError

Error related to obtaining the result from Fuzzy Search API. Contains information about the cause of the failure.

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data class FuzzySearchOptions(    val query: String,     val typeAhead: Boolean? = null,     @IntRange(from = 1, to = 100) val limit: Int? = null,     val offset: Int? = null,     val countrySet: Set<String>,     val position: GeoCoordinate? = null,     val radius: Int? = null,     val boundingBox: GeoBoundingBox? = null,     val language: String? = null,     val extendedPostalCodes: List<IndexType>,     val minFuzzyLevel: Int? = null,     val maxFuzzyLevel: Int? = null,     val idx: Set<IndexType>,     val categorySet: List<Long>,     val brandSet: List<String>,     val connectorSet: List<String>,     val minPowerKW: Double? = null,     val maxPowerKW: Double? = null,     val fuelSet: Set<FuelType>,     val geopoliticalView: String? = null,     val openingHours: OpeningHoursMode? = null,     val timeZone: TimeZoneType? = null,     val mapCodes: Set<MapCodeType>,     val relatedPois: RequestedPoiRelationType? = null,     val entityTypeSet: Set<EntityType>,     val category: Boolean?)

Defines the parameters of a Fuzzy Search. Use FuzzySearchOptions.Builder for create new instance of object.

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data class FuzzySearchResponse(val summary: SearchRequestSummary, val results: List<SearchResult>)

Response from the Fuzzy Search API.