data class AutocompleteSearchOptions(val query: String, val locale: Locale? = null, @IntRange(from = 1, to = 10) val limit: Int = 5, val position: GeoPoint? = null, val radius: Distance? = null, val countries: Set<String> = emptySet(), val resultTypes: Set<AutoCompleteResultType> = emptySet(), val sessionId: String = "")

Contains the parameters to use in an autocomplete search.

Important: This is a Public Preview API. It may be changed or removed at any time.



The search query.


The language in which search results should be returned.


The maximum number of autocomplete results that will be returned.


The position around which results should be biased.


The search radius in meters.


A set of ISO 3166-1 alpha3 country codes. (e.g., FRA,ESP). This limits the autocomplete results to the specified countries.


Restricts the results to a specific result type. Valid result types are AutoCompleteResultType.Category and AutoCompleteResultType.Brand. An empty set implies restricting search results to both brand and category suggestions.


A search session is a user session during which a user performs multiple search requests to find a specific address ot point of interest. This is needed for sending feedback to the online search.


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fun AutocompleteSearchOptions(query: String, locale: Locale? = null, @IntRange(from = 1, to = 10) limit: Int = 5, position: GeoPoint? = null, radius: Distance? = null, countries: Set<String> = emptySet(), resultTypes: Set<AutoCompleteResultType> = emptySet(), sessionId: String = "")


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val limit: Int = 5
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val locale: Locale? = null
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val position: GeoPoint? = null
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val radius: Distance? = null
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