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Callback that reports that an AlongRouteSearchResponse or SearchError has been received.

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data class AlongRouteSearchOptions(val route: List<GeoPoint>, val maxDetourDuration: Duration, val query: String = "", @IntRange(from = 1, to = 20) val limit: Int = 10, val categoryIds: Set<CategoryId> = emptySet(), val brands: Set<Brand> = emptySet(), val fuelTypes: Set<FuelType> = emptySet(), val connectorTypes: Set<ConnectorType> = emptySet(), val minPower: Power? = null, val maxPower: Power? = null, val geoPoliticalView: GeoPoliticalView? = null, val sortBy: SortBy = SortBy.DetourTime, val openingHoursMode: OpeningHoursMode = OpeningHoursMode.NextSevenDays, val sessionId: String = "")

Defines the parameters for the Search Along the Route query.

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data class AlongRouteSearchResponse(val summary: AlongRouteSummary, val results: List<AlongRouteResult>)

Response of the Along Route Search API.