data class CombustionVehicleEfficiency(val velocityChange: VelocityChangeEfficiency? = null, val altitudeChange: AltitudeChangeEfficiency? = null, val fuelEnergyDensity: <Error class: unknown class>)

Specifies the efficiency of the vehicle.

Important: This is a Public Preview API. It may be changed or removed at any time.



Specifies the efficiency of converting chemical energy to kinetic energy due to accelerations.


Specifies the efficiency of converting chemical energy to potential energy due to increase in altitude.


Specifies the amount of chemical energy stored in the fuel, for example in megajoules per liter. It is used in conjunction with the *Efficiency parameters for conversions between saved or consumed energy and fuel. For example, energy density is 34.2 MJ/l for gasoline, and 35.8 MJ/l for Diesel fuel.


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constructor(velocityChange: VelocityChangeEfficiency? = null, altitudeChange: AltitudeChangeEfficiency? = null, fuelEnergyDensity: <Error class: unknown class>)


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val fuelEnergyDensity: <Error class: unknown class>
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