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An interface for Views that can handle click events while in a disabled state. By default, Android doesn't invoke the View.OnClickListener when the view is in the disabled state. This interface allows clients to register listeners for these click events using setOnDisabledClickListener.

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data class QuantityIconDrawableResolver(quantity: Int, @AttrRes iconSize: Int, @AttrRes backgroundColor: Int, @AttrRes textAppearance: Int, @AttrRes textColor: Int) : DrawableResolver

A drawable resolver that creates an icon filled with a background color and a quantity value with a density based on context used to resolve the icon.


fun createPrimaryButtonQuantityIconDrawableResolver(quantity: Int, @AttrRes iconSize: Int = CoreThemeR.attr.tt_icon_size_6, @AttrRes backgroundColor: Int = CoreThemeR.attr.tt_primary_content_color_highlight, @AttrRes textAppearance: Int = CoreThemeR.attr.tt_label_text_style_m, @AttrRes textColor: Int = CoreThemeR.attr.tt_primary_content_color_emphasis_high): QuantityIconDrawableResolver

Helper function to create a primary quantity icon drawable resolver that implements visual design specification.

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This function will return a DrawableResolver. The DrawableResolver is chosen based on the hashcode of the given objects in args.