data class HourMinuteStringResolver(instant: Instant) : StringResolver

A StringResolver that takes a date time value in milliseconds and resolves that to the String representation using the specified format HH:mm or h:m in the default time zone for the given Context.

This intentionally omits the AM/PM label from 12-hour formats, which can be visualized as a separate string using AmPmIndicatorStringResolver.

Note that an Instant is a lean representation of a unique point in time. It can be seen as a basic UTC time value.


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constructor(javaInstant: Instant)
constructor(instant: Instant)


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open override fun get(context: Context): String

Resolves a String based on the given Context. The resulting value may differ per Context. E.g. due to differing locales.

Inherited functions

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abstract fun describeContents(): Int
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abstract fun writeToParcel(p0: Parcel, p1: Int)