abstract suspend fun initiateCall(phoneUri: PhoneUri): Boolean

Initiates a call with the specified uri.

Example uri: tel://+123456789.

A new call will be added to the currentCalls property. The call will initially have the CallState.CONNECTING state and will then either move to CallState.DIALING or CallState.DISCONNECTED.

When the other party answers the CallState.DIALING call the state will change to CallState.ACTIVE. If an error occurs, the other party is busy or does not answer the call the call state will change to CallState.DISCONNECTED and the Call.disconnectedCause will reflect the reason for disconnecting.

If placing the call fails, the Call.disconnectedCause on the call will be set to the appropriate value.


true if the call has been initiated and false if calling is not possible at this time.



The URI to call.