Specifies which Panel types this system UI implementation is not able to present to the user when a Frontend offers it.

Ideally, none of the Panels present in the TomTom Digital Cockpit platform should be specified here and should instead be supported and added to supportedPanelTypes. Specifying platform Panel types here may lead to situations where a Frontend's UX flow crosses various Panel types and users face unexpected scenarios where trying to open the next step in the UX flow has no effect.

Marking Panels as unsupported anyway is commonly done for these purposes:

  • Developing a new system UI and incrementally adding support for Panel types.

  • Integration new TomTom Digital Cockpit versions and adding support for newly added Panel types in a follow-up task.

  • Relying on Frontends to have conditional behavior depending on the supported Panels. E.g., a Frontend can check whether a certain Panel type is supported, and if not, open an alternative Panel.

If a Frontend adds a Panel that is not supported, an error will be logged.