data class FrontendMetadata(val id: FrontendMetadataId, val creationPolicy: FrontendCreationPolicy = FrontendCreationPolicy.CREATE_FRONTEND_AFTER_STARTUP, val launchMenuItem: MenuItem? = null, val frontendExtensions: Collection<FrontendExtension> = emptyList(), val intentFilters: List<IntentFilter> = emptyList(), val availablePanelTypes: PanelTypeSet = PLATFORM_PANEL_TYPES, val frontendBuilderFactory: () -> FrontendBuilder)

Encapsulates metadata describing a Frontend.



Unique identifier per IviInstanceId of the frontend metadata.


Describes when this Frontend would like to be created by the framework.


A MenuItem which will be used to launch a Frontend. Can be null if this Frontend should not appear in the menu.


The FrontendExtensions available to this Frontend.


IntentFilters associated with this Frontend.


The Panel types available to the Frontend. By default, all of the Panel types offered by the TomTom Digital Cockpit platform are included. When introducing a new Panel type, Frontends using it must have the type specified here for the Frontend to be able to use it, e.g., by passing PLATFORM_PANEL_TYPES + CustomPanel::class. This information is also used by the system UI to determine whether or not it can support the Frontends it's asked to present Panels for.


A factory to create a FrontendBuilder that can be used to create the Frontend.


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constructor(id: FrontendMetadataId, creationPolicy: FrontendCreationPolicy = FrontendCreationPolicy.CREATE_FRONTEND_AFTER_STARTUP, launchMenuItem: MenuItem? = null, frontendExtensions: Collection<FrontendExtension> = emptyList(), intentFilters: List<IntentFilter> = emptyList(), availablePanelTypes: PanelTypeSet = PLATFORM_PANEL_TYPES, frontendBuilderFactory: () -> FrontendBuilder)


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