A destination that the information contained by this panel transitions to when this panel closes. By default it is null, indicating the information does not transition anywhere.

The information transition starts when this panel is closed and the information is visually transferred to another panel, like when dismissing by swipe or by pressing an accept button. For example, an incoming call notification may transition to a main process panel showing the call progress. In this example, MainProcessPanel would be provided as destination.

This field may be used by the system UI to properly visualize the transition. For example, a notification panel that normally exits with a fade may instead animate vertically towards the main process panel if the destination is the main process panel.

This property must be set before the system UI hides the panel for it to have effect. Typically this means it should be set before the panel is passed to Frontend.removePanel or before GenericDismissiblePanel.dismiss is called.

When this property is set, it's recommended to also set the transitionSource of the destination panel as well.