Provides access to a list of listeners with active Android Lifecycle owners from LifecycleAwareListeners.

Lifecycle owners are considered active only when their state is Lifecycle.State.STARTED or Lifecycle.State.RESUMED.


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open override val activeListeners: Sequence<T>

The registered listeners that are in an active state and are thus ready to handle callbacks.

Inherited properties

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true when at least one of the registered listeners is active; false otherwise.


Inherited functions

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fun addListener(lifecycleOwner: LifecycleOwner, listener: T)

Add a listener that will receive events when its LifecycleOwner is active.

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fun addListenerForever(listener: T)

Add a listener that will always receive events.

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fun removeListener(listener: T)

Remove listener.

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Remove all listeners registered with a lifecycle owner.