@IviExperimental(reasons = [])
data class NotificationPanelData(val numberOfNotificationPanels: Int, val numberOfSuppressedNotificationPanels: Int, val activeNotificationPanels: DismissiblePanelList<NotificationPanel>, val headsUpNotificationPanels: DismissiblePanelList<NotificationPanel>, val notificationCenterPanels: DismissiblePanelList<NotificationPanel>)

Information about the NotificationPanels to present to the user.



The total number of NotificationPanels available, regardless of which are suppressed.


The number of NotificationPanels that were suppressed and thus not present in activeNotificationPanels. Note that not all NotificationPanels absent from activeNotificationPanels are counted as suppressed. Suppressed NotificationPanels may become simply hidden instead after being presented to the user manually, at which point they're not present in activeNotificationPanels and not counted in numberOfSuppressedNotificationPanels.


The NotificationPanels that should be presented to the user. Should be used if system UI does not have a notification center. Otherwise, the headsUpNotificationPanels and notificationCenterPanels should be used to show heads-up notifications and notifications in the notification center.


The NotificationPanel that should be presented to the user as heads-up notifications. See activeNotificationPanels for details.


The NotificationPanel that should be presented to the user in the notification center. See activeNotificationPanels for details.


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constructor(numberOfNotificationPanels: Int, numberOfSuppressedNotificationPanels: Int, activeNotificationPanels: DismissiblePanelList<NotificationPanel>, headsUpNotificationPanels: DismissiblePanelList<NotificationPanel>, notificationCenterPanels: DismissiblePanelList<NotificationPanel>)


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object Companion