A rule that ensures there is only a single Frontend that shows ModalPanels at any time. It does this by closing the ModalPanels of other Frontends when a Frontend opens a new ModalPanel.



The ModalPanelStackData to observe in order to close other Frontends' ModalPanels.


constructor(panelRegistry: IviPanelRegistry)

A convenience constructor that extracts the default ModalPanelStackData from the given panelRegistry.

constructor(activeModelPanelStackData: LiveData<ModalPanelStackData>)

Inherited functions

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open override fun activate(lifecycleOwner: LifecycleOwner, iviServiceProvider: IviInstanceBoundIviServiceProvider, frontends: LiveData<out Collection<Frontend>>)

Actives the rule within the scope of the given lifecycleOwner.