@IviExperimental(reasons = [])
class MediaButtonsViewModel(mediaControlContext: MediaControlContext, mediaButtonsConfiguration: LiveData<MediaButtonsConfiguration>)

ViewModel for media buttons that can be used directly in views where the playback controls are displayed. Provides lists of TtButtonViewModel for the primary and secondary media controls defined by MediaButtonsConfiguration.



Provides access to contextual information for MediaControls.


Provides configuration of standard and custom media controls, and their display limits.


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constructor(mediaControlContext: MediaControlContext, mediaButtonsConfiguration: LiveData<MediaButtonsConfiguration>)


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val primaryButtons: LiveData<List<TtButtonViewModel>>

Primary media buttons are the most important and frequently used controls for managing playback, ideally positioned in a way that is easily reached by the driver.

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val secondaryButtons: LiveData<List<TtButtonViewModel>>

Secondary media buttons are less frequently used controls of the playback mode and custom source-specific controls.