@IviExperimental(reasons = [])
class CompactProcessControlViewModel(val buttonViewModel: TtButtonViewModel = TtButtonViewModel(), val isFixedWidth: Boolean = false) : VisibilityProvider

A ViewModel that contains the information required to display a button in CompactProcessViewModel as part of the CompactProcessViewModel.primaryControlsViewModel or CompactProcessViewModel.secondaryControlsViewModel list of buttons.

The ViewModel also provides control over the button width, whether by wrapping the button content or having a fixed width assigned.



The ViewModel that will be associated to the displayed button.


When true, the minimum width of the button is locked to the dimension specified by the ttivi_processpanel_button_width attribute. When false, the minimum width is adapted to the button's contents.


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constructor(buttonViewModel: TtButtonViewModel = TtButtonViewModel(), isFixedWidth: Boolean = false)


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val isFixedWidth: Boolean = false
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open override val isVisible: Boolean