abstract class PanelContainerController<D, VM>(panelContainerId: PanelContainerId, panelData: LiveData<out D?>)

A base class for managing the contents of a container of panels.

Implementations are responsible for visualising the panelData inside a container. See onPanelDataChanged for details.

This base class facilitates that by managing the internal lifecycle, the lifecycle of the Fragments for each attached panel and the panel stack.



The panel sub-container view model type.


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fun <D> PanelContainerController(panelContainerId: PanelContainerId, panelData: LiveData<out D?>)


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The panel sub-container view models.


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Binds this controller to the system UI with the given panelContainerContext. A controller may only be bound once and must be unbound through unbind when destroying the controller.

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open override fun toString(): String
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open fun unbind()

Unbinds this controller from the system UI. The controller must have been bound through bind first.