abstract class FrontendAndroidViewModel<P : AnyPanel>(panel: P, application: Application) : FrontendViewModel<P>

A combination of FrontendViewModel and AndroidViewModel. Should only be used when the Application instance is really required. This should be rare however, as ViewModels should not normally rely on a context. Instead, the layout should resolve raw information from the ViewModel using its own context.


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fun <P : AnyPanel> FrontendAndroidViewModel(panel: P, application: Application)


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open class Factory(panel: AnyPanel, application: Application) : ViewModelProvider.Factory

A factory class for constructing class instances that derive from FrontendAndroidViewModel with the given panel and the given application instance.

Inherited properties

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Whether or not safety lock is currently enabled.

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open override val panel: P

The Panel of type P that hosts this ViewModel.

Inherited functions

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override fun getLifecycle(): Lifecycle