Package com.tomtom.ivi.platform.systemui.api.service.debugpanel

The debug panel service API package.

Overview of the debug panel service

The DebugPanelService is an IVI service and this service used to provide a way to easily communicate with the System UI DebugPanel.

Using the debug panel service API

To use the DebugPanelService, add a dependency to your gradle file:

dependencies {

To get access to the DebugPanelService API, you need to first get a DebugPanelServiceApi instance by calling the companion function DebugPanelService.createApi(...).

val debugPanelService = DebugPanelService.createApi(lifecycleOwner, iviServiceProvider)

Once you have the DebugPanelServiceApi instance, you can use it to call any API, and observe any properties provided by the service.

Note: The service may not be ready when a client calls the service API and could return a SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE result. It is possible to check the service availability by observing the serviceAvailable property:

debugPanelService.serviceAvailable.observe(lifecycleOwner) {
if (it) {
// Service is available.
} else {
// Service is not available.

Toggle debug panel

This code shows how to toggle to the DebugPanel visibility:


To control the toggling feature:


If you want to control the visibility manually:


Listen to the debug panel

You can listen whether the DebugPanel should be shown:

debugPanelService.shouldShowDebugPanel.observe(lifecycleOwner) {
// Listen here.

To listen to the DebugPanel toggle feature availability:

debugPanelService.canToggleDebugPanel.observe(lifecycleOwner) {
// Listen here.

Stock debug panel service implementation

The StockDebugPanelService is the stock implementation of the DebugPanelService.


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interface DebugPanelService

A service for managing the state for the debug panel in the system UI.