data class NavigationBarViewModel(    val showBackButton: Boolean = false,     val onBackButtonClicked: () -> Unit = {},     val title: StringResolver? = null,     val breadcrumbs: List<Breadcrumb> = emptyList())

View model for a navigation bar, such as TtNavigationBar. The navigation bar allows the end-user to navigate between different panels.


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fun NavigationBarViewModel(    showBackButton: Boolean = false,     onBackButtonClicked: () -> Unit = {},     title: StringResolver? = null,     breadcrumbs: List<Breadcrumb> = emptyList())


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val breadcrumbs: List<Breadcrumb>

Breadcrumbs for panels to which the end-user can navigate.

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val onBackButtonClicked: () -> Unit

The function to be invoked when the back button is clicked.

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val showBackButton: Boolean = false

Whether to show the back button.

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val title: StringResolver? = null

The title of the current panel.