data class MenuItemConfig(val menuItemName: String, val implementationModule: ModuleReference, val subPackageName: String? = null) : Serializable

Defines a reference to a menu item instance.



The name of the property that holds the menu item instance.

The property name must be formatted in camelCase and must end with the MenuItem suffix. The MenuItem suffix is mandatory to allow the reference to the property name to be found in the code base easier.

The property name needs to match a property with the same name that is an instance of the class.


The module that contains the property that is an instance of the class. See menuItemName for details.

The package name of the property is obtained from this ModuleReference. If the property resides in a sub package within this module, the sub package can be provided through subPackageName. This subPackageName is appended to the package name of the module, with a period in between.


Optional sub package. If not null, this value is appended to the ModuleReference.packageName of the implementationModule property with a period in between.


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constructor(menuItemName: String, implementationModule: ModuleReference, subPackageName: String? = null)


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object Companion


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val subPackageName: String? = null